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Job Bridge

People and community resources

The job bridge project aims to promote and strengthen the university community in the South by creating a platform for collaboration between university students, employers and the community in the South.

The purpose of this platform is to increase dialogue between students and employers and to support and open opportunities for growth.
This creates an opportunity to strengthen business activities and diversity in southern society. Cooperation across disciplines is considered and special emphasis is placed on support for university students with a research project and/or in search of research material with a Southern appeal.

Atvinnubrú – Fólk og auðlindir samfélagsins

Through increased dialogue and collaboration with companies and institutions in the region, university students are given the opportunity to study and/or research with a mentor and gain valuable experience from business life alongside their studies as well as a network for the future. Company representatives also have the opportunity to present the activities of companies and/or institutions in the region and open up opportunities for increased activity and a stronger value chain. Synergistic effects are significant, as it is clear that with this there will be easier access to future human resources and new knowledge and research from the university community will be translated into the working world.

The University Association of Suðurland manages the project, which also benefits from the support of the Visitation Plan of Suðurland as one of SASS’s priority projects.

How does the job bridge work?

Atvinnubrú – Fólk og auðlindir samfélagsins

Further information

Anyone interested in supporting the southern university community. This includes individuals, companies, institutions or non-profit organizations. Participation consists in providing information, supporting projects in the form of knowledge and experience, providing opportunities and creating a platform for students and/or companies with a southern connection to grow and prosper.

Everyone who registers begins their road trip without commitment and only gives up the time that is available in their schedule. In some cases, it is necessary to sign contracts regarding vocational training or work contribution, and it is then a commitment between the students, the university and the company/institution. Other projects flow according to the circumstances and the contribution of those who come together.

It is entirely up to you to decide how long you want to be involved in the project. Everyone on the list can expect to be matched with different people, but it depends on supply and demand.

Participation is free and it is proposed that there is no need to pay for participation in the project.

You can register by clicking on the registration button above.
You can also send an email to for more information and registration.

The goal of the Job Bridge

Communicate information to university students, companies and institutions about employment, research and study opportunities in the South.
Promote and strengthen the position of higher education in the region.
Create a strong network for communication between different disciplines and opportunities.
Development and support of innovative student projects in collaboration with stakeholders as well as other stakeholders in the South.
Development and support of student research projects in collaboration with stakeholders as well as other stakeholders in the South.
Open up opportunities for vocational training and promote university students in the South.