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Student services

in Fjölheimar

The University Centre of South Iceland offers exam services in Fjölheimar in Selfoss that have been certified and approved, for students at the secondary and university level. Over one thousand exams are taken in Fjölheimar every year.

In Fjölheim there is also a reading facility that you can access and it is open seven days a week from 7-24. The reading/study facilities have private reading booths, as well as access to a kitchen/cafeteria for students.


Fee for the reading/study facility

One semester*

Costs 16,000 ISK.

All exams during the semester included.

3 months (90 days)

Costs 12,000 ISK.

Two tests included.

1 month (30 days)

Costs 6,000 ISK.

One test included.

To gain access to the facilities, you must pay ISK 2,000 for an access key but it is reimbursed when the card is returned after use.

You can get an access key from Elínborg by appointment through email, (it’s on the ground level in Fjölheimar, where the previous reading room used to be).

*One semester – (1 January-30 June or 1 July-31 December)

Fee for individual exams

Test / 1 hour

Costs 2,000 ISK.

Test / 2 hours

Costs 3,000 ISK.

Test / 3-4 hours

Costs 4,000 ISK.

However, the exam fee per semester never exceeds ISK 16,000, no matter how many exams a student takes during the semester.

It is important to register for taking exams in Fjölheimar with Háskólafélag Suðurlands in a timely manner(early in the semester), by informing the school and sending an email to

Send inquiries regarding exams and the study facilities to or call 560-2040.